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tyranny. The complete elimination of that dual-
ism would mean the transfiguration of the world,
a new heaven and a new earth. But the king-
dom of Gesar, in various metamorphoses, attempts
to eliminate this dualism in a demoniac and
tyrannous manner. Nationalism is one of the
roads toward tyranny of the things of Caesar over
the spirit. Only progress in the direction of
lessening the sovereignty of national states and
toward a world-federation of peoples will save
us from this tyranny. Cultures should remain
national, rather than states. This is exactly the
reverse of the claims of modern Nationalism. But
one fears that the world will attain such an order
only after a considerable portion of humanity
has been wiped out. We live under the sign
of bloodthirstiness and murder in tyrannous
states. Modern economics, technics, Commun-
ism, Nationalism and racialism are all possessed
with the blood lust, and nourished by hatred.

And finally one more force must be noted
which has now entered history and threatens the
stability of European culture. The peoples of
the East, the " coloured " races, now wish to take
an active part in history ; to be subjects instead
of objects. The end of Europe's monopoly of
culture is approaching. The reaction of East upon
West, which, it would seem, had been discontinued
since the Renaissance, is renewed. Along with